New post on my tumblr: Can you post an interesting excerpt from your novel? I want to see how you write :)


Just a paragraph for now:

   As they slept, Veikko gave an account of the lengths he had gone to to make Skadi laugh. He had programmed her morning news logs to greet her with the archaic informal, “Whuzzup, Beotch?”; he had set S team’s door image to show an ancient video file of an austere prairie dog, and recited his entire humor memory partition to her in lucid sleep. Then on his second day of her acquaintance, he had taken an enamel buffer from med bay and programmed his teeth to change color as he spoke; reduced her team to giggles with his impression of a drunk Cetacean; programmed Alopex into the likeness of a 200 kg bald man (without changing her voice); and vowed solemnly to tie his balls to a goat if he had to to make her laugh. He admitted that he had not yet resorted to that last-case scenario, but Violet offered to help him find a good strong goat at any cost.

Valhalla: Read it and find out if Veikko ever ties his balls to a goat.

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